SYM NH T200 Price in Nepal: Specs, Features, Top Speed

SYM NH T200 has finally launched in Nepal. The gorgeous adventure tourer motorcycle is set to establish itself on Nepalese roads, with impressive features and powerful performance.

This premium bike was recently unveiled by KG Intercontinental Pvt. Ltd, the authorized distributor of SYM motorcycles and scooters. The Taiwanese automobile manufacturer now re-enters the Nepalese market with the debut of the NH T200. With this 200cc motorbike, the company also hopes to attract Nepali riders and regain its former glory.

The new SYM NH T200 is a crossover adventure bike aimed especially towards urban travelers. The acronyms "NH" represent New Horizon, while the letter "T" stands for Trazer. Now, let's have a look at the specifications, key features, and price in Nepal with the availability of the motorcycle.

SYM NH T200 Overview


The SYM NH T200 features an adventure-focused design with modern styling. With its Beak-styled front LED Headlamp, the design is considerably more noticeable. Above the headlight, there is a tiny wind cover or shield. At the side, the muscular 11-liter fuel tank complements the entire body.

The seat appears to be comfy, as does the pillion seat. There is a grab rail next to the pillion seat. Following that, the traditional adventure spoke wheels are equipped with grip tires. Other design features include sporty graphics, an engine cowl, and a high-mounted exhaust. Furthermore, it is available in three different colors: Red/White, Soft Black, Camouflage.